GVP MED represents the only italian manufacturer of medical heating devices used to fight the onset of hypothermia in patients during anaesthesia and operations, and in the recovery, intensive care, and A&E areas. Focus on the patient’s safety, continuous innovation and twenty years of expertise makes GVP MED a partner able to meet clinical and technical needs, without disregarding competitiveness.
GVP MED is known for the design, manufacture and distribution of electromedical devices and electronic power supplies, disposable linens and gel pads for the reduction of decubitus risk, devices to reduce the risk of electrosurgical scalpel injury, devices for therapeutic hypothermia and heating devices for home care. Manufactured in Italy and compliant with the standards IEC EN ISO 13485:2012, EN ISO9001:2008, they bear the CE0051 mark according to the annex II of EC directive 93/42 as amended.