GVP MED represents the only italian manufacturer of medical heating devices used to fight the onset of hypothermia in patients during anaesthesia and operations, and in the recovery, intensive care, and A&E areas. Focus on the patient’s safety, continuous innovation and twenty years of expertise makes GVP MED a partner able to meet clinical and technical needs, without disregarding competitiveness.
GVP MED is known for the design, manufacture and distribution of electromedical devices and electronic power supplies, disposable linens and gel pads for the reduction of decubitus risk, devices for therapeutic hypothermia and heating devices for professional veterinary. Manufactured in Italy and compliant with the standard IEC EN ISO 13485:2016, they bear the CE0051 mark according to the annex II of EC directive 93/42 and following amendments.
    GOODS: products offered to the customer and accepted by him
    CUSTOMER: buyer and / or user of the goods
    TRANSPORT DOCUMENT: document accompanying the products (accompanying invoice and / or transport document)
    CONTRACT: document that regulates the relations between GVP MED and the customer / agent / distributor (distribution contract, order confirmation, customer order)
    EFFECTIVENESS OF THE CONTRACT: from the date of acceptance of the contract
    Are shown by the present document
    Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the payment conditions are those indicated on the sales invoices not contested by the customer within 8 days from receipt. Bank interests at the current rate is applied in case of late payment according with the Italian legislation and authorizing expressly GVP MED to suspend any further delivery of the goods without any responsibility, according with the Italian laws in force. The products will remain the property of GVP MED up to the total payment is done
    Are shown by the contract. GVP MED will not be responsible under any circumstances for any delays except in the cases provided for by the contract. Upon receipt of the goods the same will result accepted if the customer and / or recipient will not communicate any claim within 8 days
    An case of events such as fires, floods, earthquakes, wars, strikes, terrorist attacks and any event that prevents the fulfillment of the contract, the part must give immediate written communication to the other part
    Risks related to the goods will pass to the customer from the date of delivery to the customer. The date will be that on the document provided to the customer In case of products in deposit account by GVP MED on behalf of the client
    Warranty on goods is 24 months for material defects or of construction defects. The goods must be returned to GVP MED at the expense of the customer. GVP MED reserves the right to verify the existence of defects and, if confirmed, to repair or replace them at his own discretion. Damages caused by wear and tear, negligence, unauthorized modifications, incorrect use not in accordance with the instructions for use, are not covered by warranty. The guarantee will be valid only on the goods fully paid by the customer.
    GVP MED has the right to cease the contract immediately if the customer has not fulfilled all obligations expected by the contract or if the customer is declared bankrupted or submitted to another bankruptcy procedure
    Confidential information provided by GVP MED with any written or oral means remain of exclusive property of GVP MED with prohibition of use, disclosure and reproduction of such confidential information even partially
    Italian civil code will be applied. The only registered office for any dispute is the Court of Busto Arsizio.