Products designed and manufactured in Italy, intended to counteract hypothermia in perioperative and rescue areas. Each device is tested according to the requirements set by mandatory technical standards, including Italian laws and European Directives, providing customers with a copy of the test report.

Patient heating in ER

Class II, BF, heating blankets to be used in direct contact with the patient’s thorax, with 12V automotive power supply or dedicated battery. Autonomy greater than 2.5 hours. The compact dimensions and reduced weight means it can be transported to places which are difficult to access and with ambient temperatures less than -10°C.

Patient heating in the perioperative area

Heating mattresses created with carbon nanotubes and coated in polyester or pvc, class IIa, BF, used to counteract the onset of hypothermia in patients during anaesthesia, surgical procedures and postoperative. Also available washable and steam sterilizable. Radiolucent, with power consumption less than 80w, complete with gel mattress to reduce the risk of decubitus. They are extremely flexible and can be used in all operating table positions.

Disposable devices

Biocompatible disposable fabrics used to protect the operating table and heating mattress and keep them clean. Provided with elastic bands in the four corners for secure fixing, they are made in double or triple layers to absorb fluids.

Preheating of infusion bags

Compact, lightweight and transportable electromedical device which can be connected to the 12v automotive of the emergency vehicle and is able to continuously heat the infusion bag inside the supplied isothermal bag.

Silicone gel pads

Pads in various dimensions which can be used in all phases of the surgical procedure to reduce pressure sores. Made of cohesive silicone gel and coated with biocompatible polyurethane.

Professional veterinary

Heating mattress made for professional veterinary use, machine washable and sterilizable. Made of strong, but extremely flexible materials, it is powered with 12 AC safety voltage by dedicated electronic power converter.